JSFdS Paper - Lancaster Workshop

This page hosts the supplmentary material for

The supplementary material is accessible for downloads:

Once data have been downloaded and uncompressed, move the CHM.Rdata file in the 'data' directory.  At the end, there must be a unique directory, called 'data', containing all .Rdata files. The compressed files can be decompressed using gunzip with Linux and 7-Zip with Windows.

The workshop in Lancaster was organized in one Introduction and four successive sessions. The slides accompanying the workshop are accessible for downloads:

  • Session 1: Handling and importing large spatio-temporal data using structured objects; projection coordinate systems for geolocated data. Accompanying slides
  • Session 2: Visualizing data according to their temporal, spatial or spatio-temporal structures. Accompanying slides
  • Session 3: Statistical inference for spatio-temporal models: method of moments; maximum likelihood, pairwise composite likelihoods. Accompanying slides
  • Session 4: Prediction and validation. Accompanying slides